Updated 23rd May 2019

  • What is a Referral Link?

    Earn Coin by referring other participants

    Having considered TKS as the only means of buying product from the platform, a referral link has been deployed to enable participant earn units as registration passes through his/her account. Hence, referral link enables new/old participant to register an account through a referrer account/link.

  • What is an Advanced E-Wallet?

    An advanced e-Wallet is a virtual storage space method which stores information about E-Money etc. E-Wallet guarantees E-commerce dealings easiness and safety.

  • Twinkas as an E-commerce Platform

    TwinKAS is an extremely elastic ecommerce platform in that it can fit the needs of small or large businesses, making it probably the most scalable platform on this time.

  • What is Tks and Tukox Trading?

    This is the currency used for the e-commerce portal. Tukox trading works by simultaneous buying TKs currencies while selling another. If the currency you have bought increases in value against the currency you have sold, you can close your position for a profit. If not, you make a lost. However, currencies available are; Tks-CAD | Tks-USD | Tks-AED | Tks-KES | Tks-EUR | Tks-ZAR | Tks-FRA | Tks-GBP.

  • What is Star Ranking?

    The star ranking represent the hierarchical process a participant acquires through his/her performance and contributions. Moreover, as the star ranking increases the reward after donation increases. A certain rank can afford a participant to have more than one simultaneous donation

  • Email Confirmation?

    Email authentication is an approach to proving that an email is not forged. In other words, it provides a way to verify that an email comes from who it claims to be from. And when this is done, a confirmation code is sent the email for validation.

  • Account Pin! Cant find it, What is it all about?

    Your account security Pin.

    Your account pin is a 4 Digit unique pin given to you on registration. This pin is usually sent to your email address. This pin is used to carry out sensitive information on your account including activating a Donor, Transferring Money and E-Wallet if the need arises. Your account pin is a safety tools introduced by Twinkas to ensure the security of your accounts. If you have lost yours, please Click Here to recover your Pin

  • I cant Log In?

    Here a few reasons why you may not be able to log in.
    1. Cache: Your browser might be storing cache version of the javascript files. To clear this, please reset your browser or better still Uninstall and install it again.
    2. Incorrect details: Please use the password reset link (Click Here), enter your email address and then click on "Get Reset Link". Follow the link sent to your email and you will be fine.

  • I cannot donate after Account Confirmation?

    The system administrator will have to glance through your profile and verify that the information provided is logically correct to avoid massive spamming across the portal. This procedure takes between some few hours to 4 days at most.

  • Ways To Earn Tks Units?

    >The units can be earned through referral link, Tukox trading and on-time donating and activating process

  • Online Shopping Platform Appraisal

    This is an act of buying products or services over the Internet.

    Shopping online has grown in popularity over the past few years, mainly because people find it easier and easier to bargain shopping from the comfort of their home or office. In conclusion, having access to online shopping has truly changed and influenced our society as a whole. This technology has opened new doors and opportunities that allow for an easier lifestyle today.

  • What is Twinkas Annotation?

    There are abbreviations and signs to connote some literary meanings in the portal. Some abbreviations are as follows; "Sil. Exp. RD" means Simultaneous Expected Receive Donation, "SD" means Simultaneous Donation, "GD" means Give Donation, "RD" means Receive Donation, "Rex" means Receptors, "TSU" means TwinKAS Standard Unit, "DR" means Donation by referral, "TKS" means TwinKAS Currency, "LSMP" means Logical Scattered Matrix Plan