Know about the Twinkas E-Wallet

The scheme is designed to foster the greatest good of mankind and to provide humanitarian services to mankind.
TwinKAS is also an e-commerce system divided into some categories, business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and also consumer to consumer (C2C) and so on.
Its electronic commerce has also led to the development of electronic marketplaces where participants and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.

What is Tukox Trading?

Tukox trading works by simultaneous buying TKs currencies while selling another. If the currency you have bought increases in value against the currency you have sold, you can close your position for a profit. If not, you make a lost. However, currencies available are; Tks-CAD | Tks-USD | Tks-AED | Tks-KES | Tks-EUR | Tks-ZAR | Tks-FRA | Tks-GBP

Technology Behind Tks Units

For the International Market, 1 Tks => kSh.359 (Varies)

In referral market, the TwinKAS Standard Unit (TSU) for TKs is kSh.359, 000
You must have an active account to trade with TKS.

For referral market, Amount of Tks = DR/TSU (DR means: The amount donated by the referral, TSU – TwinKAS Standard Unit)

E.g. If a referral donated kSh.100, 000, the referrer will earn a TKs of
kSh.100,000/359,000 = Tks. 0.27

Kindly Note that this Earning is continous as long as the Referral participates in the LSMP Cycle. An Increment in the Referrals GD increases the Amount of Tks coming into your account.

What you can do with the Tks

A. TRAVELLING AND TOUR: Book any flight of your choice with just 80TKs units only on domestic airlines.
B. ECOMMERCE SHOPPING: You can purchase any desired product of your choice from the Ecommerce Store with the correct amount of units.
C. TUKOX TRADING: Tukox works in two ways; Cryptocurrency price prediction game and Tukox market prediction game.

  1. Cryptocurrency price prediction game: You can bet on major cryptocurrencies but limited to Tks and see where the price go in the short term. The game results are recorded in cookies, so you will be able to continue from where you stopped last time.
  2. Tukox market prediction game: You can measure your financial skills and see if you can forecast short term movements of major currency pairs. Do you think TKs will go up against USD in 30 seconds? Or maybe GBP will drop against EUR just in 5 seconds?
You can view your TKS capital base and the amount of Tks each referral brings to you via your ResellersPanel.
>> View your Tks Capital Base.

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