About Twinkas

The scheme is designed to foster the greatest good of mankind and to provide humanitarian services to mankind.
TwinKAS is also an e-commerce system divided into some categories, business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and also consumer to consumer (C2C) and so on.
Its electronic commerce has also led to the development of electronic marketplaces where participants and potential customers are brought together to conduct mutually beneficial trade.


TwinKAS was created with the following mission: "to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping man and the environment.


To make you believe that you have the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash.


To provide the system and support needed to enable our members achieve our vision. The wellbeing of the populace are our long-term lead.

How does Twinkas Benefit you?

TwinKAS is here, dedicated at providing you of various backgrounds the opportunity to survive and become empowered at all times. We elevate you especially on how to take control of your life and adequately qualify you for multiple streams of income. Our solution is unique and second to none that benefits its members both in acquiring knowledge and financial empowerment. The range of our services will get you excited and our membership compensation plan will provoke the leadership in you.

How does Twinkas Work?

The portal is divided into two categories; the humanitarian services and the e-commerce services (i.e. online shopping and online trading). In the humanitarian services, participants donate to participants that need help and also are donated for. This is a mutual association between multiple participants, where their contributions are allowed to be benefited by themselves with a good compensation plan ranging from 40% - 50% reward based on the system On-Demand (OD) using Logical Scattered Matrix Plan (LSMP). The donation is made directly to member account and one is limited to one account unless otherwise.

However, when a participant donates to another participant that needs help in the system, the LSMP will create a span limit "OD" during which the donor will in turn receive his/her donated amount plus the 30% - 50% reward as a philanthropist. As the participant keeps donating to the needy, so shall his/her reward be growing. From the e-commerce perspective, customers directly buy goods or services from a seller in real-time, without an intermediary service, over the Internet. It is a form of electronic commerce. Significantly, the market accepts only TKS currency as a means of exchange for the goods or services.

  • Website Launch

    25th June 2018

    Twinkas Portal Launched

    Twinkas launches its portal in Kenya starting with a 50% on the first cycle.

  • Website Initiated

    10th June 2018

    Twinkas Portal Initiated

    Twinkas launches its initiative to introduce its scheme to Foster the greatest good of mankind

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